So I’ve been neglecting my blog…

I didn’t mean to, it just sort of happened! So it’s been a while since I have been on here. I finally published my Prague post so there’s that. Since then, I’ve taken my final exams, finally got situated into my second block of classes, got visited by Sara, and then visited Paris myself. I’m not even sure where to begin because I feel like everything deserves its own blog post, instead of spewing all my thoughts on you all (or whoever is reading, if anyone even is at all) at once. I am a little over the half way mark with my study abroad adventures. I feel sad, excited, thankful, and worried– all at once. I feel like my time here is dwindling down and I haven’t seen enough of the city yet. I wish I had more time here, so I wouldn’t have to rush into seeing/doing everything in Amsterdam all at once. I know two-ish months is plenty, but it all goes by so quickly. On the other hand, I constantly miss the little things from home. From driving in my car with the windows down, breeze in my face, singing along to overplayed pop songs on the radio to all the food I cannot get here, the list goes on. I wish I could have it both ways– my two worlds combined, but life just doesn’t work out that way. I have about a month of school till summer break actually begins but I am so glad that I get to stay in Amsterdam for six whole weeks after that.

** This sat in my drafts for 20 days and so I just published it as is. Otherwise, it would have never been public! I apologize for the lack of editing as well as the abrupt ending.**

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