Country #4 – Czech Republic

** I wrote this a month ago and just left it in my drafts ever since. It needed to be posted, so here it is.

This weekend, I boarded a bus and 12 hours later, I was in Prague. We left Thursday night and after dreading the incredibly long ride, we finally made it. The seats were uncomfortable and I can never sleep sitting up at all, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. We stopped every three hours for a short break while passing through Germany so it really wasn’t that bad! After feasting on some goulash, we met up with Dani, a sorority sister of mine and she gave us a tour around the city. Our hostel was right off the Charles Bridge so getting around was fairly easy! I was able to use my Konica Pop quite a bit, so it’ll be interesting to see how the shots came out after I get the film developed. After running around that section of Prague, we all went back and took a nap. YES Trips and ISN planned for a Pub Crawl that night with unlimited everything, basically. I didn’t feel like going crazy, so I ended up opting out of this one. I had dinner with one of my good friends and also sorority sister, Terri Scott from Chapman and went back to her apartment to hang out and catch up. We even got boba but because I was so frightened by the Czech lady working, we ended up with horrible drinks. That night, we went to Lucerna, a club that had an 80’s and 90’s night. We didn’t stay there too long, grabbed and ended up going back to Terri’s. Some other unfortunate events occurred but what else can you do other than continue on! Life goes on– and so do the trams.IMG_7386

We didn’t really have plans for the weekend so the next day, we just kind of went with it. After spending some time trying to figure out what we wanted to do, we ended up going to eat a delicious and incredibly hearty Czech meal and then heading over to the Prague Zoo. Yup, the zoo! The Prague Zoo is the 7th best zoo in the world, so we had to go. The San Diego Zoo is actually the 2nd best, so overall it was just a silly adventure of ours. We ended up seeing a ton of animals like the elephants and giraffes, but we really fell in love with the ocelot. Such a cute animal! We took the chair lift up the mountain, because why not and even caught sight of the backside of a polar bear. After the zoo, we got kebab for dinner rightby Terri’s apartment, grabbed snacks and watched The Prince and Me. Finally, we decided to meet her roommates at a Czech pub where we enjoyed a nice drink and a power outage. I decided to just stay over again because it was easiest, not using my hostel for a second night in a row.
IMG_7396 IMG_7393

The next morning, I decided I was brave enough to take the Metro back to Old Town Square to meet up with the rest of my program. I ate some more Czech street food and we ended up going to the Jewish Quarters, where all the Jewish people ended up living after they were ordered to vacate their homes. We saw a ton of old artifacts that were going to be preserved as Hitler’s “Museum of an Extinct Race”. The history behind the Jewish Quarters is insane. We also entered the Jewish Cemetery; there are over 12,000 tombstones visible, but so many more burials underneath it. When they ran out of space, more soil would be thrown on top and more bodies would be buried. After, we climbed the Astronomical Clock after and saw a great view of all of Prague.
IMG_7397I loved how different Prague was, but there were so many tourists! It was great to see Terri and hang out with her; it is a wonderful feeling when you get to see one of your favorite people from school in a completely different country.

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