Never lose your sense of wonder.

After class which was from 9:00-12:00PM, I headed to Heinekenplein to visit the Immigration office as well as head over to the ING bank to get my pin number set up. I am more familiar with this area since 1) we took our first canal cruise down there and 2) Emily and I tried getting ice cream around this area last night and failed because the shop was closed.

After finishing up my biometrics for my residence permit (super easy), I started walking down Eerste van der Helststraat, the street Emily and I were on last night. I was trying to make my way down to the ING Bank further down south but my curiosity always got the best out of me which led me to take a ton of detours on the way. I visited the Kilo shop, which is a vintage-y thrift shop and ended up coming home with a super cute top. It was a cool thrift shop because instead of selling clothing by regular prices, they sold it by weight instead. I also walked through an open air market that kind of resembled the Waterloopleinmarkt but this one sold food as well. The rest of the way to the bank, I ended up going into various stores to browse and grab the little things I needed to buy. Finally, I made it to ING and it turns out that I couldn’t even get my pin number anyway! I went to the wrong branch! Who knew..

Had I not mindlessly wandered while on my way to the bank, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon all the little stores and the market I found and fell in love with. Wandering around is the best way to get to know a place and I’m excited to go on more adventures around different parts of Amsterdam. I’m determined to get this city down very quickly!


Ice* Amsterdam
I also went ice skating at Ice* Amsterdam! It’s this super cute ice rink outside of the Rijksmuseum that only played Ed Sheeran when we were there. I wasn’t complaining though, he’s still my favorite. The usual friends and I all biked there together since everyone owns one now. It was a fun time and a beautiful sight. I got to see the I Amsterdam letters for the first time! We didn’t get to stop and take photos, but I managed to snap one real quick. There were also too many tourists there anyway. I am also the owner of a brand new Museumkaart, which will allow us to go to any museum in Amsterdam for a whole year. We bought it for 60 euro but there are 32 museums so it will be worth it. I can even sell it to someone else before I leave! I’m definitely procrastinating by updating my blog because I have a super big paper/presentation to work on as well as an econ problem set, both I need to do by Thursday. If I don’t finish it now, I can’t go out to Coco’s tomorrow night and that’ll be a bummer! I actually have to do school here, how ridiculous. I’m off to work on school stuff now, but I’ll leave you all with some photos as usual!



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