On settling in

These last couple of days have been hectic to say the least.. ISN or the International Student Network provided us with an incredibly jam-packed schedule to get to know the city a little better. We were split off into many groups and I was able to meet a ton of people from all over the world! Now that the introduction week is over, I finally have a bit of time for myself to settle in before class starts tomorrow. Luckily, the University of Amsterdam works on a semester based system, splitting each semester into three different blocks. In this first block, I am only taking two classes: Regulation, Regulatory Impact and Reform and Development Economics. That means I’ll only be having lecture and discussion for a couple of hours each day, with no class on Fridays! I’ll have a ton of free time to explore the city, look for some cheap markets, and even get me a bike. It is crazy how much biking and walking people do here. Even the public transportation is completely reliable, although it isn’t quite so when you go towards the wrong direction… I also finally bought an OV Chipkaart today, which allows me to use all public transportation in the Netherlands.

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Although it has only been a few days here, it’s time to settle into my new home. I guess it is finally time to acknowledge the fact that I am going to be living here for 5 whole months. It seems like such a long time from now but I know that it’ll pass right by. That means, learning how to bike in this crazy city, knowing where to go and how to get there, and of course, learning some Dutch.

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It’ll take some time getting used to this place but it’ll get easier. Every day I am here, I find something intriguingly different that it blows my mind. It is truly amazing and such a joy being able to completely get lost here.


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